Le Panier Mook - Imai Kira Interview Translation

This interview first appeared in the Le Panier mook, images were kindly provided by O-Chan! This translation is meant to allow non-Japanese speakers the chance to read the thoughts of a beloved figure in lolita fashion, please support lolita related media if you are able!

Le Panier Vol. 1, from

Image credit to O-Chan, thank you!

Drawing a world where girls live together with danger and tenderness, who started her career with Angelic Pretty’s image illustrations and clothing designs, Imai Kira. 
Whose drawings inspired many people to take part in Lolita Fashion and more, we asked her about her fascination with lolita and her plans for the future. 

-The inspiration for making painting your lolita worldview your career:
I went to a junior college with a Fine Arts program, so around the time I graduated I created a homepage and made my illustrations available to the public. Angelic Pretty’s owners* saw those illustrations and kindly offered me a position, and that became my…

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Brand Story Translation

The following is an article written by Ms. Kato, the former Meta designer and current Physical Drop designer, about the founding of Metamorphose and her approach to designing Lolita. Found in Issue 11 of the GLB, scans of which can be found at Originally translated by me (Velvet) for an old school discussion thread in 2017, re-posted here in its entirety for posterity and ease of access.

-Brand Story-

Popular for their original pattern onepieces and skirts, the brand Metamorphose temps de fille!

Being Lolita, without being confined by Lolita, we asked what the secret of their designs that feel of "anything goes spirit" is!

Brand History

1993 - while enrolled in Osaka Mode Gakuen "Metamorphose" designs were sold in shops via consignment.

1997 - With the present company director Matsuoka, Metamorphose begins operations in Kyoto.

1998 - From Kyoto, the base of operations was transferred to the current Minamisenba location.
- Osaka company store opens.


"There are clothes I want to wear!" Chapter 13 - Rain and Lolita

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